Fire Bucket Restoration & Repair
Steven M. Lalioff


Protect your investment! Increase the value of your historic fire bucket through restoration and repair.

Early painted leather fire buckets increase in value every year. Unfortunately, leather is especially vulnerable to the ravages of time, and beautifully preserved fire buckets are growing rarer with each year.

The good news is that much of the damage a fire buckets endures can be restored with expert care and dedication to historic authenticity. Whether your fire bucket has lost its handle, developed a hole or suffered considerable paint loss, our restoration studio can bring new life and value to your bucket.

All restoration work is billed at an hourly rate. Any fees noted below are approximate. Many estimates for restoration can only be accurately given upon physical examination of the damaged artifact. Some restoration projects are made more difficult by poorly executed past repairs, however, many botched repairs can be carefully removed and correctly completed.

I guarantee my clients that every effort and attention will be given for every professional restoration project. Please contact me for information regarding scheduling and turnaround estimates.


Handle Repair or Replacement:

All efforts are made to preserve original materials first. If damage is beyond restoration, or if handles are missing altogether, replacement handles are custom made to match and convincingly "aged" to appear original in all respects.

Prices range from $250. -$450. (Restoration of an original existing handle can be more costly than total replacement.)


Rings & Lug Replacement:

Missing or broken iron rings or their leather tabs (lugs) are a common condition problem. Custom wrought iron rings can be created and the connecting lugs can be invisibly, securely, and convincingly restored without damaging the integrity of the original artifact.
$150 - $250 per ring +lug


Holes & Breaks:

Color, texture, and patina are carefully matched and blended into the surrounding areas. Note: Irregular color balance of "before & after" images due to varying lighting conditions.
(Estimates made upon inspection.)


The interior of a bucket's rim is usually made of steam bent wood. Often, these wooden hoops become bent or broken. In most cases, this can be restored but it is a major repair, depending upon the degree of damage. (Image is of a rare, interior iron rim firebucket.
Estimates made upon inspection.)


Paint restorations are preformed to museum standards using conservation grade materials.


Leather restorations and in-painting cast estimates are determined accurately only upon examination.
In-painting is billed at $75.00 per hour.


Restoration of a variety of early leather objects is also available. Contact me for consultation; photos are welcome.

Original early 19th century leather keybaskets. Invisible restorations~Value Restored~Preserved for another generation.

Restoration cost estimates are provided upon physical examination of artifacts.
Please contact me for information regarding scheduling.

I guarantee my clients that every effort and attention will be attended to their antique artifact.



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