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Fire Buckets


"Conservation through reproduction"

"The objective of my reproduction work is to stimulate interest in a vanishing art form and to provide lasting artifacts once common to our nation's past. All wares produced in my leather studio have been meticulously researched and represent the highest standards of museum-quality reproductions. I employ the identical tools, materials and construction techniques that were in use during the 16th through the early 19th century, thus providing the collector with a finished product of fine historical integrity." S.L.

Appreciating Steven's work would be much easier if you could simply hold one of his firebuckets to examine. Photos and text alone don't completely convey the full depth of effort and quality he puts into the objects he makes. The work he is now doing is a result of over 25 years of experience and research, and from that effort he is able to reproduce leather fire-buckets that are identical to the originals. The more familiar you are with original firebuckets, the more impressed you will be with his.

We are proud to be able to offer several different shapes of highly accurate reproduction firebuckets. These different shapes and construction techniques have been developed after many years of research and restoration work performed on originals. He has striven to duplicate the folk-art style of painting and time-worn patina that has become the focus of admiration and value to collectors.

Like the originals, Steven's buckets are made from dense cattle hide, and are hand-stitched with heavy linen cord.

The leather is then molded into shape over wooden forms. A steam-bent round oak stave is stitched into the rim of the bucket and lugs of leather are inserted at the top to attach the hand forged iron rings.

Next is the application of the handle using various construction methods. Once all of the parts are stitched into place the leather is hardened with steam by an ancient leather technique known as "cuir bouilli".


Finally, the design is sketched and hand-painted onto the bucket then finished to a richly aged "museum" patina.

All of the work that goes into one of Steven's firebuckets is performed by the artist himself, from the cutting and stitching to the painting and polishing. Therefore, there is a limit to the quantity of buckets he is able to produce in a given time. The waiting time for orders varies greatly, anywhere from a few weeks to several months depending on the quantity of orders to be filled. Please inquire at the time you place your order and we will be able to give you a fairly accurate estimate of the waiting time to be expected.

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In consideration of the great value of original firebuckets, and indeed all early leather artifacts, each piece of leatherwork created in Steven's studio has been deeply and indelible hallmarked with his name and year of manufacture. It is not his intent to defraud the avid collector of antique leather items, but to preserve the traditions of an American craft that has all but disappeared through neglect and the ravages of time.

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Traditional designs. All fire buckets are made to order. Click on images for additional information and photos.



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Custom design inquiries are always welcome, as are requests for an exact reproduction of an original bucket you may have in your private collection. If the shape requires a new mold to be turned, the cost will be added to the price of the reproduction. Original buckets that reside in public institutions require written permission for their reproduction.

Below are some examples of custom designs created especially by client request:


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